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Inner Mongolia Fresh Mutton & Food ready for IPO in Australia

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To have access to greater capital support and larger market, Inner Mongolia Fresh Mutton & Food Co., Ltd. signed agreement with Eagle Investment Group in Baotou on tutoring its proposed IPO  in Australia.

Established in the beginning of 2013, HXY has Fresh Mutton & Food as its proprietary trademark of mutton products. The company takes the operating philosophy of promoting and operating its products via one brand, the Fresh Mutton & Food, and two major bodies, namely, Fresh Mutton & Food Meat and Fresh Mutton & Food Hot Pot Restaurant Company.

“In a short period of time, the company has become the major company in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. After experiencing three-year development, it has made some achievements. The companies adopts the industry mentality and market-oriented model. At first, it improves the market before engaging in processing and production, thus reducing the market risks and laying the positive foundation”, said Mr. Fan Jifa, Chairman of HXY.

According to Chairman Wei Zhong of Baotou Chamber of Commerce, the HXY has fully played the advantage of local mutton in Inner Mongolia with geographic indication, and is active to establish the high-quality and high-end brand of mutton industry in Inner Mongolia. The company, by cooperating with neighboring Qi, county and district in Baotou, and famous companies raising sheep, makes investments and operations in the form of cooperative so as to provide quality, safe, green, organic and high-end mutton products, establish the mutton product quality assurance system and realize full-process control ranging from breed selection, base selection and technical guidance.

At present, the company not only owns the proprietary trademark of HXY, but also owns the Fufa Fine Sea Food and Fujun Fine Beef series products. It owns three registered trademarks, namely, HXY, Fujin Fine Beef and Fine Sea Food. Its products are sold to more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China.

“HXY, after experiencing three-year rapid growth, is also suffering from bottlenecks. The raw materials are not sufficient and it is urgent to make changes”, said Mr. Fan Jifa, “If we import beef and mutton from other countries for further processing, we have to overcome the many barriers. If we finalize IPO in the international capital market, we can gain access to the international market and will gain great competitiveness.”

Australia, featured by healthy economic growth with harmony, stable political environment, perfect system, sound investment environment, mature market and business environment with international competitiveness, has become the priority choice for HXY to start its IPO. Mr. Fan said, the NSX in Australia has higher requirements for companies intending to initiate IPO, needing to evaluate the investment risks of the public company. If HXY intends to get listed in Australia’s NSX, it means encouragement and recognition of the company.

Mr. Dong Zhenhua, Chairman of Eagle Investment Group, Inner Mongolia Branch, believed, “HXY is the first company in agriculture & livestock industry in Inner Mongolia choosing to get listed in Australia. After its IPO, it will gain access to better financing channels in the capital market with lower cost, gradually expand the scale and improve international competitiveness of its brand, thus ensuring its brand reaching the international market”.