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Fresh Mutton & Food wins the title of Leading Brand in the Food Industry

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On the afternoon of January 25, BTB Cup Awarding Ceremony of Food & Drug Brands and 2017 Annual Meeting of Baotou Food & Drug Industry Association was held in RSSH Baotou.

The event is hosted by Baotou Food & Drug Industry Association and Baotou Food & Drug Academy. It receives guidance from Baotou Food & Drug Administration and Baotou Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau. BTB is the exclusive sponsor of the event.

After experiencing three parts, namely, candidate recommendation on WeChat account, scores given by expert panel and offline survey, more than 40 companies excelled and won the award. The event granted 10 awards and 20 Awards of Excellence, namely, Brand with Greatest CSR, Leading Brand in Food Industry, Leading Brand in Medicine Industry, Most Influential Brand, Food Safety Assurance Brand, Innovative Brand for the Year, Best Product Quality Control Brand, Most-favored Brand among Consumers, Brand with Greatest Investment Value and Brand with Greatest Growth Power.