01.Inner Mongolia Fresh Mutton & Food Co., Ltd

Address: 14, unity street, No. 8-505, Jie Fang street, Baotou, Inner Mongolia.
Zip code: 014010
Phone: 0472-2526868/2523838
Fax: 0472-2526868/2523838

02.nner Mongolia Fresh Mutton & Food Co., Ltd., Dongjiang in Tianjin

Address: No. 601, Luoyang Road, East Xinjiang bonded port area, Tianjin
Zip code: 300450
Telephone: 18647981988
Fax: 0472-2526868/2523838

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1.Quality assurance: The high-standard production environment, strict control of all processes, and great efforts to establish brand getting consumers’ trust. The HXY guarantees product quality and sales prove the quality.

2. Exclusive franchisee: We provide strict market protection for all clients in various regions and channels, sign exclusive agreement with franchisees, provide exclusive support for exclusive franchisees in shop image and advertising supplies, adopt mechanism of brand sharing and help franchisees expand the market.

3. Product customization: Personalized product customization. HXY products will adopt the flexible tactics of product customization to meet the various demands for products by all channels of clients while satisfying their requirements for parts of beef/mutton, form, proportion, weight and package.

4. Express logistics: Products of HXY cannot only secure express logistics and timely delivery, but also is featured by simple purchase process, thus meeting the franchisees’ requirements for low inventory, fast turnover and small risks.