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Policies for franchisees

How to set annual sales target for franchisees: sales target is determined according to the region, population, purchasing power, cuisine culture and features of franchisees, etc.

The candidates have to meet the following four requirements before they become franchisees:

1. Have 5-year plus experience in doing business in frozen products;

2. Have annual sales of more than five million RMB;

3. Have professional marketing team with at least five people; and

4. Have ability to store more than 300-ton frozen products.


1. Three-month consideration period to confirm the ability of franchisee candidates

2. In the three-month consideration period, the franchisee candidates have to pay for the goods;

3. Sales target for the first month is determined by the population density in the city of the franchisee;

4. The sales target for the second and third month should rise by at least 10% from the first month;

5. Before the franchising agreement is signed, the company will issue the short-term franchising certificate to prove the franchisee candidate has the right of operating its products in a certain region;

6. After the three-month consideration period, the company will sign the agreement with the franchisee candidate;

7. After signing the agreement, the company will help the franchisee develop clients.

Brand support

1. The company will provide the powerful brand service management and media promotions for major activities;

2. On a regular basis, the company headquarters will organize the franchisees to receive training on sales skills;

3. The company will designate the dedicated salespeople to the region of the franchisees to provide training programs on marketing skills;

4. The company provides the Fresh Mutton & Food trademark, the uniform shop image, bulletin design, brochure and other support in promotional supplies;

5. The company regulates the rational price system and corresponding marketing policies in different conditions.

Join us

We are glad to see the application for franchisees;

HXY is willing to move forward together with you!

Let’s work hand in hand to create business miracle and realize win-win situation.

One franchisee will be contracted for one region. Please move quickly to grasp the business opportunity and occupy the market.

We provide the strong sales policy support and strict regional protection policy.

The uniform management model in China ensures each franchisee is exclusive in its region.

We establish the exclusive core competitiveness to maximize your benefits.

To inquire for more policies, please don’t hesitate to call:

Call 0472-2526868 to apply for franchisee candidacy

Contact person: Manager Ren

Address: 8-505, Sanitarium for Veterans, Military Sub-command, Linyin Road, Baotou, Inner Mongolia